Monday, September 17, 2012

And People I knew were in the Hall

And People I knew were in the Hall
You and I were
bathing in a white
tub with green claws holding
it up. Your pants
were still on
because you’re a little self
conscious about showing
your legs to me.
I was naked,
and we were watching a movie
on the TV across from our tub.

Kissing your jawbone,
“My mom will be mad
if she walks in on us.”
You smiled with the smile
you use in devilish pleasure
rather than out of joy.
I focused on tiny, dark hairs
above your lips, and you told me,
“We’re fine.”

I got out and started

Water sloshed from the basin
and you were out.
“Oh, hey,
I’m gonna take off.”
I became a cape
around your neck.
“You can’t leave me
And you were already
in the doorway when you said,
“But I like England;
it smells like Spain.”

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